Is World Changing ET Technology Hidden In Plain Sight?

Andrew B. Raupp
10 min readMar 12, 2018
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Written by: Andrew B. Raupp (@stemceo) / Edited by: Joaquin Flores

If you’ve been up late scouring the latest offerings on Netflix lately, you may have come across Unacknowledged, a fascinating new documentary that details available evidence on the existence of alien life forms as compiled by Dr. Steven Greer and his The Disclosure Project. While the film may not stand up to any true Scully-level skeptics, the provocative ideas posed about alien technology offer some excellent food for thought as we consider what our modern world would look like with the sudden reveal of previously “hidden” technologies.

Greer and his colleagues posit that there’s ample evidence of the existence of UFO research programs, and countless government officials have corroborated actual sightings, as well as the presence of dark money budgets that have fueled this research to the tune of millions, if not billions, of US taxpayer dollars. Our curiosity about alien life and extraterrestrial technology is indisputable, and it seems clear now that there is also evidence that governments have been working in the shadows to better understand what might be out there beyond our own humble planet. But while some of Greer’s claims may veer into conspiracy territory for some, there’s also a fascinating idea at the heart of the film: what if knowledge about aliens is being suppressed because their technology would drastically alter our current culture and economic systems?

The Power of “Free Energy”

Dr. Steven Greer brilliantly connects the dots by luring viewers in with credible UFO evidence and dizzying information that involves the likes of JFK and Marilyn Monroe, ultimately segueing into a radical shift that gets the audience to consider what would occur if humans had access to the kind of “free energy” that he believes powers alien spacecraft.

The idea of the disruptive potential of free energy, which could power our world without the use of finite fossil fuels and costly electrical infrastructure makes up the bulk of the third act of the film, “The Lost Century.” And while Greer acknowledges how completely world changing it would be to have access to truly “free” energy, he also notes that it’s not actually a new idea, and gives a major nod to the innovative…

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