Image: Shutterstock# 2065841540 / Young Inventor Boy Carefully Assembling Robotic Toy

Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo

The world appears to be experiencing massive transformation, and it’s no exaggeration to say that we’ll be sorting through the meaning of these changes for years to come. One of the most fascinating developments has been the rapid switch to distance learning for…

Image: Shutterstock# 1231003165 / Celebration Of Science

Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo

Now more than ever, we need festivities to bring us together. And what could be better than celebrating our favorite subjects: science, technology, engineering and math?

There are plenty of official holidays and events designed to give STEM subjects the attention they deserve…

Image: Getty# 139988249 / Young Boy Viewing Airplane Gadget Panel

Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo

Who doesn’t dream of soaring above the earth for a bird’s-eye view of the world below? Children of all ages love to imagine the freedom of flying above the clouds, and many are thrilled by airplanes from their earliest years on up. That’s…

Image: Getty# 1257612860 / Woman Working At Computer Terminal

Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo

After decades of hard work to promote young people’s interest in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and math, STEM education leaders can rejoice in some major successes. For one, enrollment in university STEM programs has been steadily increasing since the year…

Image: Educational Research™ / Classroom Drone Lesson

Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo

If you’ve noticed drones buzzing about in the skies above your house, you are definitely not alone. Since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began issuing permits and lifting restrictions on recreational drone usage in 2010, demand has steadily climbed. By 2016, the consumer…

Image: Getty# 1140106893 / Boys Playing With A STEM Toy

Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo

If you were to close your eyes and imagine an inventor, what would you picture?

For most people, the image of a lone genius toiling away in solitude is a strong one. From Einstein figuring out physics formulas, to Edison in his patent…

Image: Getty# 207915098 / Family Sitting At Table

Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo

In the rush to incorporate more STEM learning into school curricula, a major selling point has always been that STEM learning leads to better jobs. While it’s true that, on average, STEM jobs pay more than liberal arts jobs, the gap in pay…

Image: Getty# 861234452 / Young Boy On A Laptop

Written by: Andrew B. Raupp / @stemceo

Launched in 2014, the Make in India initiative is aimed at rebuilding the Indian economy, transitioning away from its heavy reliance on the service sector and moving towards the creation of a global hub of manufacturing and innovation. It’s a huge effort for…

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